Name of the company: Lagermax AED d.o.o.
Head office: Toplarniška 1b, 1000 Ljubljana
Website: www.lagermax-aed.si
E-mail address: prodaja@lagermax-aed.si
Total number of employees: 10
Founded in: 2004
Founder: Lagermax AED International, GmbH, Salzburg
Identification number: 1530062

Company registry no.: 1972332
Account nr: 29000-0055223509 UniCredit Banka Slovenija d.o.o.
Court of jurisdiction: Ljubljana District Court
Basic capital: 12.519,00 EUR
Business terms: General Conditions of International Freight Forwarders of Slovenia, drawn up by the Transport and Communication Association and the Freight Forward and Warehouse Management Section at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia.